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The model for recovering chargebacks is broken. Chargeback Ltd® is fixing it.


The Chargeback Ltd Story

Chargeback Ltd’s services  were not in rooted in banking or payments. In fact, we weren’t in the financial sector at all. We were merchants who had poured years into building up an online business … only to see our success (and our revenue) being eaten away by customer disputes.

We needed a fast and reliable solution, one that prevented chargeback, recovered lost revenue, and equipped us for sustainable growth. After trying just about every available provider, we reached a frustrating conclusion: there simply wasn’t an effective, merchant-centric solution available. So we created one.

Over a decade later, our exclusive data-driven platform provides true end-to-end chargeback prevention and remediation technology. The first global company fully dedicated to helping merchants combat post-transactional fraud, Chargeback Ltd safeguards over 2.4 billion online transactions every year, representing clients in 87 different countries.

As proud as we are of our innovation and client dedication, however, we’re even more proud of the cooperative culture our team shares, and our ongoing efforts to give back to the people in our community.

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We have the only truly end-to-end technology platform specifically designed to counter post-transactional fraud. If you need proven solutions and award-winning expertise, we’ve got you covered.

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